Category Topics


Let’s start with the basics. Cooking meals at home has become a bit of a lost art. We’re here to change that! From kitchen basics to revamping your pantry and food preservation, you’ll find what you need here!


Use this category for discussions about growing garden fresh produce. From large vegetable gardens to windowsill herb gardens and everything in between, this is where to ask questions or share ideas about vegetable gardens, fruit orchards, herb gardens, aquaponics and more.

Green[er] Living

As we strive to live more lightly on the earth, let’s inspire one another! There are so many ways to reduce consumption and use fewer toxins in our homes and gardens. What’s working for YOU?


Urban farmers and homesteaders may raise animals for eggs, meat, and/or by-products like wool – or manure! If you’ve added small animals to your homestead this is where you can discuss the care and keeping of your furry and feathered friends.

DIY & Making

Share your do-it-yourself projects, discuss your favorite crafts, and inspire one another to embrace vintage skills.