100 Proof Alcohol

Let’s talk about a workaround for this. I have a number of recipes that call for 100 proof alcohol (tinctures and such). But the strongest available here is 80 proof. Is 100 proof alcohol available in your area? If not, what are you using instead? :cocktail: :cocktail: :cocktail:

There are several in my area. I personally use Everclear or Gin as they are the cheapest I can find. There are several others that are all the way up to 195 proof.

Yikes. The strongest I can get here is 80 proof.

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I’d try using the 80 proof.

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if you dry your herbs before making the tincture you can use the 80 proof - I use vodka as it has no taste

Most of the recipes I’m looking at call for dried herbs, IIRC, so this is good!

Hi. Here in Italy, we can buy 95% proof in the supermarket…However, this is sometimes too strong and my husband - the cocktail maker in the family, has the opposite problem of having to dilute the alcohol after some serious math computations. We therefore tend to use Vodka as a “substitute”. I have a wonderful lemon/cream (sounds yuckie), but is wonderful - just not sure where I should place it on the forum? Is there a recipe page? Apologies if I have missed it - I am a technological/social media disaster…

No worries – I’m still learning where all the things are, too! I’d put it under the food category, which should act as a catchall for all the food. https://forum.attainable-sustainable.net/c/food/11

I’m interested to see this recipe!