Baking bread at home - try this!

If you haven’t tried baking your own bread yet, this is a delicious loaf! (And yes, it’s a recipe straight out of my new book! :wink: :bread: :bread: :bread:

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I definitely will be trying this. Do you have a calorie count per slice?

Hi Judy! Welcome. I just ran this through my nutrition program and cutting it into 12 slices = 149 calories per slice.

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I’m looking for an overnight sourdough bread recipe that you know work. I know I could search and find many, but I’m looking for ones you have had experience with. One that I can pitch the sourdough into before bed and have it fermenting overnight.

Since everyone in my area is hoarding all of the yeast at the store, I have my sourdough starter going based off of one of Kris’ recent posts. Most of the bread recipes I have found call for an all day process which is ok, if that is the only option. But it will not be a good thing for my waistline if I pull a loaf out of the oven just before bed. Anyone have any ideas or sources to suggest?

This is a good, no-fuss recipe. I have NOT tried letting it go overnight, but if it were me (I’m an experimenter, note) I’d make up a batch before going to bed and let it rise overnight. UNLESS your house is really warm; that could cause it to get a little crazy. You’d be stretching the rise time, but I feel like it could work. In the morning, punch it down and shape the loaves.

Will you report back if you try it?

Yeah, everyone around here has been hoarding the yeast, too. Is there any way to multiply yeast once you get some? Isn’t it a plant? Can some of it have some water and flour added and then let grow into more yeast and then dry it? They’ve got to be able to make yeast in the first place somehow so is there any way we can replicate the process?

As for overnight sourdough, if a sourdough recipe were made ready for the second rise sometime the day before and then put into the refrigerator until bedtime. At that point, it should be pretty well chilled. Hmm, if it were put into a pan to rise and the oven set to automatically come on and shut off (some newer ovens can do this) then perhaps there’d be fresh baked bread in the morning. It might over rise, though and when dough over rises before baking, it usually falls flat while baking.

Maybe it would be better to make the dough, let it do the first rise, then shape it and put it in the pan and then put that in the freezer until bedtime? Set the oven to cook it so it will be done when you wake up? The extra chill in the dough will let it take longer before being ready to bake.

Having the oven come on automatically may be iffy, I don’t know if that’s a fire hazard or not? It also doesn’t allow the bread to be put into a hot oven, so perhaps having it frozen in the pan ready to bake and taking it out before going to bed and letting it defrost and rise overnight would let you start the oven when you wake up and put the bread into a hot oven.