Banana Pepper Rings

I have an abundance of banana peppers this year and I’d like to can them. I’m looking for some different recipes to try and see what will become my new favorite. I’ve found the typical pickling ones from the Blue Ball book and a search of the internet. But there must be something else out there. Anything with turmeric? Seems like it would lend itself to that spice or at least I would like it since I love turmeric. Would appreciate anyone sharing if you have one!


Can you do some experiments and see which ones are the best? Maybe add a little bit of a different spice to each jar before you put in the peppers? It wouldn’t take more than a touch of turmeric, I’d expect, although part of the experiment could be a jar with a lot of turmeric and one with a little.

Somehow turmeric with a touch of cloves comes to mind, but I couldn’t tell you if it would be good unless the peppers, turmeric and cloves were all put near each other and sniffed. A lot of my cooking is done that way, get things near each other and take a whiff of it to see if they get along or argue with each other.