Bread failures?

I’m seeing a lot of people mention that their homemade yeast bread dough starts to rise okay, then collapses into a wet puddle. Anyone here having similar trouble? I’ve never seen so many mentions of this particular issue. Of course, there are a lot more people baking bread these days, too. Thoughts on what might be causing this?

Never had this happen, but had a lot of other bread baking challenges. Sounds like a very loose dough (which is ok) but maybe risen too long? With the differences in yeast and temperatures inside the home, I never just leave my bread to rise without checking in half the recommended amount of time. I have more trouble with proofing, I tend to proof too long, then not get that lovely oven spring I want so much. Another possibility is old or weak yeast.


I found this online:

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It sounds as if the yeast became ‘tired’ from proofing too long. Mixing it again with a bit more of some sort of sweetener to feed the yeast or a bit more flour may perk the yeast up again. Sometimes just mixing/kneading it some more is enough to wake it up but feeding it is more certain.

The other classic time for bread to fall is in the oven. If it rises too much before being put in the oven, it will fall during baking. Once it’s in the bread pans, it should rise to about one third to one half it’s final size and then put in the oven.

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