Chicken with wry neck

I have a 3 month old chick with an injury. It looks like head trauma induced wry neck. If I was any kind of farmer, I’d cull her, but apparently I’m too soft hearted. She’s eating and has body strength, but her neck is a doozy. It just drops and hangs in a big twist. I tried using foam pipe insulation yesterday as a brace, but it just kind of moved with her neck. I’ve googled, but thought maybe someone here would have a clever suggestion for how to help her.

I know you can use birch bark for cast material - I would try using birch bark or another type of bark to support her neck

Bracing with a couple of different materials hasn’t worked very well, but good news! She’s much improved today after a couple days of being isolated and contained in a very small space. I think she’s going to make it, but I’m not sure how she’ll do in my regular flock. That’s still to be seen.