Dealing with Gophers in the Garden

This came in as a comment on my site. I have to admit, it made me laugh. They ARE hard to control. Would love to hear how you’re dealing with gophers at your place.

“How do I get rid of what I would like to say is a herd of gophers. I feel like a Gopher Rancher. I think they are coming from the park down the street. I had to empty my pool so I thought I would run a hose in one of the holes and to my surprise half of the pool was empty and not one hole bubbled up. So what do I do now?”

I don’t do anything. I just plant everything in a pot then plant that in the ground, or really high raised beds. I see people say to put a hose in and flood them out but that has never worked for me either. I might live next door to this person :smiley:

LOL on living next door. Do you use wire to prevent the gophers from getting into raised beds. We used chicken wire and that works for a couple of years until it rots.