Did anyone plant their garden over the weekend?

In a lot of places, Mother’s Day is the calendar marker people use to know it’s “safe” (from frost) to plant.

We don’t have a frost date here, but I *did do some planting. Three green bean towers are in place, and I planted more beets, radishes, and carrots.

Did you plant anything this weekend?

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I got the tomato seedlings planted out! They’re getting a good rain today, but temperatures in the 40’s. :cold_face:


No. We have had 2 inches of snow this past week.

Planted the rest of the kabocha squash seedlings as well as baby corn, watermelons, and long beans. Next weekend we’ll get the tomatoes planted.

I planted a few things, but we’ve had freeze warnings and the dreaded snow—and have freeze warnings for the next 3 or 4 nights, so we’ll be covering things again.

I’m in Georgia, so I had planted last month. It’s still been cool, so tomatoes and peppers are slow. Squash kicked in and I picked 2 today! I planted in some radish and bush cucumber seeds in some bare spots. I should have done that sooner :thinking:.

I planted a few herbs in indoor planters a couple of weeks ago. I don’t know if anything will make it, though: When I put my little planters by the window, the clouds, rain, and chill moved in and stayed put. The basil and cilantro are hanging tough, but I’m going to have to try my dill again.

Hi Kris, Hope you are well and staying safe. Sure will be glad when this Covid-19 is over and done with. We live in the DAllas TX area. This will be the first time I’ve planted a garden in this area. We moved here about 2 years ago. We are renting to my gardening is done in containers. I built myself 2-4x4x12" and 2-2’z6’x12" raised beds. I’ve got 12 grow beds full of potatoes. Two with sweet potatoes. 21 grow bags with Tomatoes and carrots.
In my raised beds I’ve planted bell peppers, pole green beans, cucumbers, bush beans, radishes.
I have 5-30 gallon grow bags and I decided to try the “three sisters” method of growing corn in the middle, surrounded by pole beans. On the outside, I planted squash or cantaloupe or watermelon.
I’m anxious to see how those do this year. I planted marigolds, basil and nasturtiums everywhere I could fit them to help fight bugs/pests.
I hope to have enough of a harvest to be able to do a lot of canning and dehydration to store away and use this coming winter.
I love to garden and my day isn’t complete until I’ve been able to spend some time visiting and working with my plants.
I enjoy your postings so very much and look forward to them daily.

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My day isn’t complete if I haven’t been in the garden, either!

Planted mine June 6 - Northern Ontario here Zone 4

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