DIY sour cream!

I talked with my friend Amy at @afarmishkindoflife the other day (podcast forthcoming!) and convinced her she needed to try making sour cream at home because it is so, so easy. Check it out -->>


Oh my gosh, this was SO tasty! You really floored me with how easy it is to make your own. Thanks for the info!

I made this. I will never buy sour cream again! It is so tasty, so easy, and I am now venturing onto making my own mustard. Why not!

Why not, indeed! I’m glad to hear there’s another convert… :grinning:

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Hi Kris,
Was just browsing and discovered this section about making your own sour cream. Can you please tell me where I can find the recipe? Would be very appreciative.
Thanks so much,

Yes! There are two recipes to choose from, depending on how you prefer your sour cream:

A bit thinner:

This is a creme fraiche, but replicates the thicker store bought sour cream brand my family favors:

Hi Kris,

Thanks so much for the recipes. Do you by chance have a homemade recipe for Buttermilk? Would love to be able to make that myself as well.

Thanks again,