Easy Vegetables to Grow for a Successful Garden Harvest

Easy is good, right? Perfect for beginners, of course, but every gardener I know wants to have successful harvests. What veggies would you add to this list?


I love this list. Most of them do well for me but some years I struggle with what other call “easy” growing plants. Or ones I would have said were easy the year before. Because of our climate, okra is an easy to grow vegetable.

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This is true for me, too, Angi. I can’t grow zucchini to save my life, but I know on the continent it’s a sure bet in most areas.

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Me too. Even tomatoes are a challenge. This year I will try both again. For me, bananas and coconuts are super easy growers. :grinning: All we have to do is harvest and the occasional tidying of dead leaves. Also going to try daikon radishes as I hear they are easy here.

@Surly808 Where are you located? (I wanted to ask on your intro post, but I was following the rules. :wink: )

We are in Honomū. We moved from Hilo about two months ago.
We moved to Hilo about five years ago from Sebastopol. I am thinking you’re from Sonoma County originally?


What?? Yes! Do I just not recognize your clever forum name? Have we talked about this before? I was born/raised in Sebastopol!

I’m pretty sure we haven’t met, but having lived in Sonoma County for so many years, it probably would take no time at all to find people we both know!

I found your site about a month ago — I think it was references to growing up on an apple farm and, did you mention Christmas trees? I don’t remember now. There are only a couple of places that have both and Sebastopol is one of them (can you tell I’m an analyst? LOL).

I was at a work conference in Honolulu yesterday. The lady that sat next to me was there from Lanai — we chatted and told me she had just moved there earlier this month from Sebastopol Such a crazy, small world.

I’m thinking you’re up near Waimea, yes?

We really are enjoying Honomu. So quiet. Our yard is smallish but we’ve got lots of citrus, coconut, banana, pineapple, rosemary (!), lemon grass, moringa, and a few other plants I have yet to identify. Less rain here than Hilo (only 85” compared to 125” annually). I feel like I have space to garden and am so looking forward to growing more food.

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Frankly, I don’t think those listed are easy. Especially if easy means plant and don’t think about them much. :slight_smile: I can’t grow Zucchini, cucumbers or peppers to save my life. Peas too. For me, easy is tomatoes. Potatoes. Most root crops. Struggling to figure out if my problems are location, soil or just me. :slight_smile: Another year and another chance to figure out what the problem is or how to be more successful.

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I don’t think summer squash is easy (squash bugs) and I struggle with other squash and squash relatives too. I would add sweet potatoes to the easy list. Plant them, weed them maybe once, and then harvest greens all season as they grow. I think it’s the easiest crop I grow.

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Outside Honoka‘a, yes! So funny to run across people from “home” here!

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peppers are my hard to grow veggie - I have a short growing season here

I’ve always had trouble with bell peppers, but one year (in a former garden) I grew gypsy bells. They’re a hybrid, so no seed saving, but wow did they do well. They’re a bit smaller than most bells but those plants were prolific! Maybe you can find some to try!

I will give that a shot

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Hoping to have time to build my greenhouse this year

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Don’t know if this will help. When I plant my garden I planted marigolds and basil all over to deter any bugs. The only vegetable I could not save were my beets, didn’t know I had bunnies in my yard. I had a great crop.

Marigolds are GREAT companions for most veggies! Though they don’t repel bunnies… :wink:

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Try using blood meal to repel the bunnies - it has to be reapplied after it rains

Thank you for the information, I will try the blood meal😄

marigolds do help with insect pests though and nematodes