Figs in California?

This question came in on my site. Anyone from the area who wants to chime in??

I live in the Sacramento, Ca area and there are plenty of fig bushes along the American River near my home. I’d like to know if I can have a fig tree (single trunk) in a container on my south-facing deck. How tall will it get? How fast will it grow? Is it possible that it would provide shade as I sit at a nearby table?

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I’ve wondered about the same thing: A local restaurant has, or had, fig trees going in front of it, and those figs were quite tasty. I found several links about growing fig trees. Here is one:

If the tree is naturally small, you should be able to keep it in a container. But make sure it is indeed a small cultivar.

Good luck!

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I would choose a variety of fig that will mature into a smaller tree. Certainly the Sacramento area (even Folsom and Auburn) are great for figs. They love the heat and don’t mind the dry summers. That being said, I would use a really huge pot (30 gals) and I don’t know if that will fit on the deck.

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