Harvesting Green Beans Yet?

I’ve been harvesting green beans for a month or so now, and will have lots more coming. I made these dilly green beans (refrigerator pickles, and easy) yesterday. Now I have to wait a week for them to be ready to eat. :smile:


I have to cover the garden tonight it is supposed to go down to 4 Celsius or 32.9 Fahrenheit

Yikes! Is that unseasonably late for your region?

yep usually no frost after the full moon in June - we had frost June 12 and 13

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We got tired of green beans so let them become fully ripe and become soup beans. Green beans as soup beans are pretty tasty! The last batch was a variety called ‘Greasy Grits’, they are an heirloom string bean and very stringy with an interesting umami flavor. Much better as a soup bean.

I’ve planted some ‘gold eye beans’ that were bought as heirloom soup beans, hopefully they will sprout and we will try eating some as green beans and then save the rest as soup beans. Well, the very first and best will be saved as seeds for more beans.

Which is your favorite variety of green bean?