Home Preservation: Canning Equipment and How to Get Started

If you’re new to canning, this will be helpful. A lot of this equipment can be found for pennies on the dollar at garage sales or thrift stores!

I started back into canning this fall after about 20 years - my kids got me a brand new pressure canner

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Just as a reminder with gardens starting to go off and canning season gearing up, low acid foods like green beans and meat NEED to be pressure canned for safety. (The exception is low acid items that are pickled with vinegar, which increases the acidity.)

Here’s more:

Got a good guava jam recipe? They’re falling all over the place, so it’s about time for guava jam? At the moment, there’s about two gallons of pureed guava with a lime added (I didn’t have a lemon) to keep it pinkish colored. I’m hoping for a recipe without any added sugars, so maybe just simmer it down to thick and put it in jars? Should some nutmeg or cinnamon be added?

Hmm, are guavas low acid? I could pressure can them although I’d planned on just a water bath. But, haven’t exercised the pressure canner lately, so getting it out would be good.

I like Pomona pectin because it allows me to use less sugar. I don’t have a recipe myself, but this is a good site: http://www.sbcanning.com/2011/05/guava-jam-new-variety-at-least-to-me.html

And I don’t know if you’re on Facebook, but do you know about the Master Food Preservers of Hawaii group?


I try to stay off FB, but lurk over there occasionally anyway.

Someone gave me a pile of calamonsi so that was added to the guava puree and it got baked with the last batch of bread and now it’s pretty much guava butter. It’s not officially canned, just in a jar in the fridge. The calamonsi added a nice sweet zing to it. So far there’s no sugar in it other than what the guava brought to it. I may bake it again with the next batch of bread and see if it gets thicker. Kinda experimental cooking, but it’s just guavas that fall off the tree so other than paying for the propane to run the oven, it’s not an expensive experiment.

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