How to Grow Lots of Veggies in a Small Space

If there’s one encouragement I can offer it’s this: You can grow some – or a lot! – of your veggies, even if you’re limited on space. Check out these tactics and add any suggestions you may have for making the most of limited growing space!


Have been doing aquaponics for five years. Started with an old bathtub. Grew lots and lots of veggies in that. :grinning: Now the system is over three thousand gallons and still growing. Thanks for sharing your link. Same concept but without dirt.


Hi All! We live in a block of flats in the middle of Hungary’s capital town. Our balcony is 4 square meters “big”. As we cannot go outside with two kids, I started to grow veggies there: spinach, potato, carrots, arugula, celery, tomato, onions, herbs, etc. So far, so good :slight_smile: I use bigger and smaller pots and flower containers and empty milk cartons. I like that I can check the soil humidity and the pests ongoing. Also I can sow another veg when something goes out.

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Keep the kids (and you!) occupied and add fresh veggies to the table. Win, win! We’d love to see pics if you have them.

Here it is! This is my conatiner balcony garden :slight_smile: This is potato, radish and spinach in one pot.


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And this is the microgreen table. In milk cartons there are: pea, arugula, radish and carrots (Parisian Market type, will look like small red radish) In the background there are two raspberries growing.