How to Grow Microgreens at Home for Less

If you’re itching for some fresh greens, consider growing *microgreens! You can do this indoors while you’re waiting for garden season to get into full swing.

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I do this all the time. I use a small tray about 5x5" or a standard mushroom packing tray from the grocery (put holes in the bottom). About a cup of dirt. About a teaspoon of broccoli seed. Takes 5-7 days to grow depending on the season. I sit my tray in another tray (without holes) to hold the water. I grow under lights year round. Did a back of the envelope calculation and it costs about $.30 a tray. Compare to buying at $5.00 and I have control of everything. It is a no brainer for me!


The mushroom trays are probably a nice size for a household, too!

I have been wanting to try this, but everything I read made it sound like an entirely different kind of gardening. I can definitely do that! Thanks!

Where is the best place to get seeds for sprouting/microgreens? can you use regular plant seeds?

Yes, it’s super easy!

You can use regular garden seeds. The trouble is, those tiny packets aren’t going to go far. Botanical Interests has sprouting seeds that come in a larger amount. But here’s something you might not have thought of. Get your hands on some black sunflower seeds, the kind you’d feed to birds. And grow sunflower sprouts!

I have been looking into growing microgreens, and getting ready to try. I have read different things about whether to use a mister to water or soak with water from the bottom. What has been most successful for you all?

I prefer to water from below, where the roots are.

I water from the bottom as well. I use a standard nursery flat and set my microgreen trays in it. Water the large tray and they are all good for a week or so. Never have an issue with dampening off or water logged plants since all you are trying to do is get them sprouting. I know some people suggest reusing your potting mix but I don’t. Cuts down on chances of passing molds, fungi or bacteria back to what is growing.

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