Is it Planting Season yet?

Mainland folks seem to really keep track of calendar dates to figure out when to plant, do we have any sort of specific calendar dates around here?

Generally, I seem to find ‘cooler’ gardens are pretty happy if they get planted within a month or so after the Winter Solstice. Peas, Manoa lettuces, things that are happy without a lot of hot sun sorta gardens.

The hotter ‘summer’ garden seems happy enough planted around May or April, although I don’t have any specific date and it doesn’t quite seem a Solstice or Equinox.

Currently, the garden planted in early April is about finished producing (corn, beans, watermelons) and now we will be going into the hot season with less rain. What should be planted now? The romaine lettuce now just seems to sprout and immediately go to seed, maybe beet greens instead of lettuce for the next couple of months?

Are we a two, three or four garden season sort of place? Do seasons actually matter around here? Perhaps elevation matters more than seasons?

I’ve been mulling the same questions. I see corn growing year round at lower elevations. Our squash is wrapping up. Corn is still growing - we planted late. Going to plant some beans for drying as soon as the squash comes out. Tomatoes are just starting to ripen now. I’d love to have a schedule to follow.

I wonder if it has anything to do with what we plant along with when? Beans don’t seem to care when they’re planted but I’ve only gotten watermelons when they’ve had the summer to ripen in, although they’ve only been grown a couple of times so that’s not much data to go on.

Corn is sort of a grass and that grows pretty much all the time. Guess I’ll replant corn and see what happens? If it can grow year round, maybe I’ll just have a corn patch all year round. Not sure if it’s gonna like winter time wet, but winter time corn would be lovely.

The beans have been odd this year. Usually, green beans seem to make beans and then die off. I planted a new variety of bean, ‘Greasy Grits’, which is a green as well as dry bean. It made beans and the plant sorta stalled for a bit and I’d not had time to clear it out and plant something else but now there’s been new flowers and little beans are starting again. I’ve never had a green bean do that before.

Lima beans never seem to die off. They just keep going for years, should you like lima beans.

I’m interested in growing corn and recently read somewhere that we can plant in early spring as well as late summer in our zone, which is 11b.

Some of my stuff bolts too quickly during a hot summer or if they get too little sun - like cilantro or arugula. But I pay less attention to seasons here than I probably should! Stuff just goes in the ground and it’s the usual gamble.

I’m wanting to try lima beans, but in the meantime have some favas from a friend that I need to get started. She says they grow great at her place, not too far from here. Think I’ll wait until after this hurricane passes…

The U of H seed program is pretty quick about mailing out seeds, should you want to buy corn seeds from them. The little garden was replanted early this week with U of H seeds and the little corn plants are about 1" tall already. Too short to be affected by wind, most likely.

The carrots have been going to seed, so I’m guessing it’s been too hot. The Greasy Grits beans which had a second flush of beans seem like they’re gonna give up the ghost and be done, so after that hurricane, I’ll clear them out and replant something. Cucumbers, perhaps, although I’ve never really had any luck growing those.