Italian Lemoncello (cream version)

Hello from Italy, this is my husbands recipe for cream Lemoncello. A lovely way to end the day after a hard days work in the garden - sitting on the terrace and enjoying the view. Nothing better than a small glass of Lemoncello.

4/5 lemons rind only - no white part (please use organic lemons without wax or sprays)
500 ml of 40% proof vodka
Combine above in a glass jar and set aside and let it sit for 4 weeks.

Heat 1 litre of milk and 800 grams of Sugar to make a syrup. Only needs to be warm to dissolve the sugar.

Let it cool.

Strain the vodka/lemon mixture into the milk and place in freezer (we place the mixture in glass bottles (old gin bottles)). It will not completely freeze, due to the alcohol content.

In Italy, it can be an “aperitivo” - before your meal, or a “digestivo” - after your meal. Either way, a “small” shot glass is wonderful……
Enjoy and hugs from Italy.


OH! I’m just seeing this. I’ve had/made limoncello (there’s a recipe in my book) but not a cream version! This sounds lovely.

Thanks for this recipe. I’m not very well versed in alcohol proofs and such, but if I’m correct, 40% alcohol would translate to 80 proof vodka. Can’t wait to try it, what a nice idea. Hugs and aloha back to you, from Hawaii!

Love it! I make limoncello once a year but never heard of a cream version. Grazie!