Lawn Room-baaas or 'how to mow a hillside'?

Lawn Roombaas!

It’s a hillside. There’s Guinea grass, Reznor grass, cane grass, elephant grass and who knows what other kinds of insanely tall grass growing there. After six months of fencing (we don’t work fast) there are now two ‘lawn Roombas’ at work. Woot!

These particular two sheep are ‘Cypress’ and ‘Flower’. They’re Clun Forest sheep which is a heritage breed that is supposed to do well in wet weather. They’re a woolly sheep with a nice fleece that spins into a ‘sproingy’ yarn.

So far they’ve been here for less than a week and I think it’s gonna take quite awhile before they get that crazy tall grass looking anything like a real pasture.

Anybody know anything about sheep? We’re on a ‘learn as you go’ adventure. They had a vaccination and were wormed before they showed up so hopefully we won’t have any immediate health related things to do.

Not sure how often they will need hoof trims, maybe when they get sheared? Apparently they get sheared once a year so that’s not due until next spring.


Welcome to the wonderful world of sheep!
We raise a small flock of hair sheep - no woolies yet. We trim feet once a year and our vet showed us how to do it.
We have been penning our males in parts of our too big yard and they do a wonderful job of mowing.

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The feed store said they don’t carry hoof clippers but we can get the small pointy garden shears at Ikeuchi’s and use those as hoof trimmers. Since there’s only the two sheep, we may not need the official hoof trimmers.

Do your sheep talk very much? Ours seem to inform us when it’s time for breakfast and dinner. They’re getting supplemental alfalfa pellets laced with oats twice a day since our pasture isn’t very pasture like yet.

Are you going to get some woolly sheep?

Oh, gosh, yes, they talk! And all they say is “feed me!” Lol. They’re fun, too.
Our wether is a master at escaping fences and was teaching our new little ram all the tricks, so now they get an electric fence. The ram will join the ladies in October and he’s just started stopping at their stall at night to kiss the girls.

We’d like to get a Shetland someday, but right now we have enough on our plate.

You could try to find a sheep forum to ask about using garden shears for their feet. I’m not saying they wouldn’t work, I’m just not familiar with using them, but maybe someone else is. You tube videos are great for learning things, too!

Oh! I’d forgotten about YouTube videos. Probably because the computer speakers aren’t working and I have to run them through the TV in order to get sound. But, to find out how to shear sheep feet, it’s probably worth the bother of moving cables around.

Are you on Hawaii island? If you get Shetlands on this island it would be really interesting to see them. I wanted to get Miniature Cheviots, but what with the virus and all, the airlines aren’t shifting sheep. They aren’t shifting any other critters at the moment, either.

Oh, I wish I was on the islands! I’m in landlocked Ohio. A loooong way from Paradise.

Ohio is a long way away, but you can get all kinds of sheepies and bunnies that we can’t get. We already had trouble bringing in new stock but now there’s not that many planes flying around so it’s even more difficult to bring in new stock. I’m having trouble getting bunnies shifted between the islands and now with the upcoming 46% increase in inter-island shipping rates, I have no idea what that’s gonna do to the price of feed. Fortunately, we have forage all year round if I can just get that tall grass turned into pasture.

I had a strange dream last night that our little ram, Cypress, learned to talk and he was getting every living thing on the planet to sing in unison all in one direction to stop climate change. Does that sort of thing happen to you?

Do they immediately notice an electric fence? If we had a moveable fence, we could deploy the sheep on grassy areas around the house and save mowing there.

I’m sorry I was so long answering you. I’ve been off social media for a while and ignoring my phone.
I don’t think I’ve ever dreamed of our animals talking, but I’m a big Narnia fan, so I think it would be cool.

We’ve had good succesd with an electric fence and our whether. He challenged it, but finally gave up getting his nose zapped. When we’ve used it on the ewes they recognize the zap zap sound and will respect the fence. It doesn’t take long.

More things get done when folks are off social media and ignoring phones!

Leila came to visit yesterday and she said the sheepies are doing fine. They’ve not lost weight or gotten too fat and they seemed happy to see her. I guess Cypress had been the smallest of five rams so he never got that many scritches when everybody was getting petted.

I’m surprised at how selfish sheep seem to be. With a rooster, he will watch out for his flock and find tidbits and call his hens over to share. With Cypress, if there’s a tasty thing he wants it before Flower gets it and if anyone is getting petted, he wants to be in front. Is this a typical sheep thing or is it because there’s just two of them and if Cypress had more ewes the flock dynamics would change?

They’ve had a month of munching and there’s still not that much dent in the grass out there. Sigh! Although, I suppose if they had leveled that amount of foliage within a month it would have been astonishing. I’ll have to go out and help the grass become lower with a scythe. If the fluffybutts would keep their noses out of it, of course. They always want to supervise whatever is happening in their space.