New Book - Virtual toast

Dear Kris

Greetings from Italy. I just wanted to congratulate you, on your new book - how cool is that!!

I am sure that you understand that we could only toast you with Italian red wine - we have one bottle of prosecco left and we are saving that for when this horrible virus has ended.

Sorry to hear that the US is now going through this dreadful time.

Also, it was a very interesting article in the UK’s Guardian Newspaper this morning, where it indicated that UK households take 30% of their calories from meals outside of the home - cafes, restaurants etc. This is an excellent time for your book to come out, to try and cover that 30% gap (and hopefully more) and to encourage people to live more sustainably.

Everyone stay safe.

PS sorry forgot to take my gumboots and apron off before taking the photo :joy: