Proper Care for Home-produced Eggs • Urban Overalls

It’s the big question, right? Do they have to be refrigerated? Must I wash them? My friend Connie answers questions about home-produced eggs.

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We don’t refrigerate or wash them! But I do try to gently clean off any yucky bits with a cloth. If there’s a proven technique for cleaning that doesn’t disturb the bloom, I’d love to hear more from about it!

I think with the don’t refrigerate thing people will often assume “that’s just how farmers do it” (“Some of those crunchy types are weird after all…”).

But in Europe, that’s just how it is. Eggs are on the shelves, not in a refrigerator.

And, at least in Switzerland where I learned about the easter-egg-dyed eggs, this is also true of the hard-boiled eggs. They’re out on a shelf. (Color corresponds to how well the egg is boiled.)

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I wipe the dirty ones and then keep my eggs in the fridge = not a lot of counter space

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