Protecting Cucumber Plants From Critters

Hi, everyone. I have planted three cucumber plants and am using old tomato stakes set up like a teepee for support. A few days after planting, some kind of critter ate a cucumber plant all the way to the ground. It happened suddenly, so I am thinking the creature was a rabbit or something else small and not an insect simply eating a few holes in leaves. For the other plants, I decided to try to protect them with netting to keep critters away. For one of them, I used an old onion bag and secured it to the stake and put bricks around the bottom. For the other, I used a mesh laundry bag and secured it to the stake and put bricks around the bottom. Will this strategy be successful to keep a small animal off my cucumbers? Thanks.

I don’t know what to tell you, because I’ve had horrible luck with my cukes being eaten. I planted cukes in more than one place. The cukes I planted in one 2 x 6 x 12inch raised bed planter. A beetle which I think is actually a cucumber beetle chewed and chewed until there was nothing left of the cukes. Even after spraying 4 times to get rid of them. (And I NEVER use chemicals of any kind in my garden). So, I replanted the cukes and 4 days later they all came up and looked beautifl. We had a rain storm that lasted for two days and when it was over and I checked, they two had been eaten off clear down to the ground.
So, I’m going to try one more time and plant the seeds in little pots and wait until they are big enough to transplant. Then hope and pray that they make it.
Sorry I can’t be much help, but