Snail bait - Let's discuss!

I *rarely use snail bait - like once or twice a year. When I do, I use Sluggo, which is a non-toxic (except to slugs/snails) option.

But here’s the discussion point: Where to put it.

I usually sprinkle it around my plants that are in peril, but I had someone suggest to me that it’s BAIT and that by doing that, I’m drawing more snails/slugs into the growing area. He uses the bait at the perimeter of his growing area.

I though this was just such an interesting idea. Have you tried using bait in this manner?

crushed egg shells sprinkled around the plants should keep the slugs out - the crushed egg shells cut the slugs underside

Next time I’ll look for Sluggo, generally we’ve been choosing between “Cory’s Slug & Snail Killer” and “Cory’s Slug & Snail Death”. FWIW, ‘Death’ leaves dead slug bodies littered around the place while ‘Killer’ lets them live long enough to crawl off and expire elsewhere. At least, one hopes they expired, there’s no dead slugs laying about to prove it worked but there’s less slugs afterwards. I’m sure “CS&S Death” is totally toxic to just about everything. I’ll look for Sluggo next time.

Hmm, ‘bait’, yeah, one would expect it to draw in more slugs. Kinda like planting something tasty around what you want to keep so they will eat the sacrificial plants instead of the protected one. Still, that seems to be feeding them and not getting rid of them. Does the bait also kill them or just draw them off elsewhere?

I’ve noticed slugs seem to like marigolds but they don’t seem to eat them. I’ve had raised bed gardens with a row of small marigolds planted around the edges and in the mornings I’d see loads of slug and snail trails all over the marigolds but not in the rest of the garden. The marigolds didn’t seem eaten, either.

Another option is either copper tape or diatomaceous earth sprinkled in a line around the garden. They can’t cross either one.


You can also put out a saucer of beer. Slugs crawl in and drown

I’ve heard of some folks putting out sacrificial crops which are to attract the bugs away from the desired crops. That seems to just feed the bugs and one would then expect more bugs, but some of the folks doing this were almost commercial farmers. They’d also put all the vegetable scraps over to one side so the pigs would go there instead of digging up the garden. Not sure if that sort of thing would work with snails, though.