Solutions for purchasing animal feed without the plastic bags?

I try to limit the amount of feed I have to purchase for my chickens. Even so, buying feed = plastic bags unless I get lucky and my feed store has Kelly’s in stock. (Kelly’s is not organic though, and there’s the rub…) And I’ve heard the same complaint from a LOT of people.

Have you found a way to buy grains or formulated feed and avoid the plastic bag?

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I haven’t found a way to do that here (MN) but it sure would be a great option!

We’re limited here in the islands as to what’s available, obviously. Bummed to hear you don’t have easy alternatives on the continent, either!

Azure has organic chicken feed and there’s a co-op in Pauuilo that brings in orders from Azure if you’re interested in organic chicken feed. I don’t know if it’s packaged in paper or plastic, though. Many of their items are packed in paper, but I’ve not bought a big bag of feed.

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I’ve found Azure to be so danged expensive with the shipping!

Yeah, and the shipping amount changes depending on how many people buy how much stuff. It’s shipped ocean freight and if they get a full pallet and split the shipping between everyone it’s not too bad. When there’s only a partial pallet load, then it gets much more expensive and we don’t know how much it will be until the whole order is assembled which is annoying since if I knew how much it was gonna be before getting it, I’d probably change my mind about ordering it. Small heavy stuff works best for ocean freight so I’ll occasionally buy 30# of raisins or a couple gallons of molasses. Usually it’s the more expensive stuff than animal feed since even if the shipping gets expensive the savings on the items make up for it.

We stopped at the feed store over in Kona by the Kaiser hospital and their feed is in plastic bags, too. Pauuilo Feed store pretty much has feed in plastic bags, too, although the next time I’m over there I’ll see if some feeds come in paper. I generally get high protein bunny food, rolled grain (usually barley, although I’d prefer oats) and sometimes alfalfa cubes since those make good bunny chew toys.

There isn’t anyone growing grains or other chicken feed around here is there? For awhile, the mac nut farmers were pretty much giving away mac nuts, but they’d have to be opened before they could be fed to chickens. We just let the chickens free range and toss them scraps. They get some of the rolled grains that we get to add in with the bunny pellets, but not really enough to be a true chicken feed.

Chickens like tomatoes, are there other vegetables we could grow for them?