Succession Planting: How to Extend Your Harvest Season

Here’s a little reminder to all of you that planting in succession will keep your harvests coming! I tend to forget to do this when I’m busy with other things.

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Looking at the sad remains of the corn garden, I’m thinking succession planting is a GREAT idea! Wish I would have done that about two and a half months ago.

However, with corn, which is wind pollinated, does succession planting work very well or do the successive plantings have to be in blocks like the original planting? The corn grows up and then makes pollen on the tassels which fall down onto the silks on the ears. If it’s planted in succession, then there’d only be a part of the corn patch making tassels and silks at the same time? I suppose if enough were planted to get the successive waves pollinated it would be good. My garden is so tiny that it’s hard to get enough in a group for good pollination.

I saved the two best ears and once those are dry, I’ll replant the corn. It took 76 days from the time it was planted until it was ready to start harvesting. We’ve had corn for several weeks now and it’s about all gone. If you want some seeds, there should be some extra. It’s ‘True Gold’ which is an open pollinated heirloom variety so the seeds should grow true to type. It’s more of a ‘butter’ corn than a ‘sweet’ corn. Tasty, but not as sweet as some of the hybrids.