Thwarting critters in the garden

I am having issues with what I think are skunks. We are surrounded by woods, and my gardens are fenced. The one that is the issue is along the stream. It’s mostly peonies and other perennials, with a few annuals for color and texture.

I an a no-till gardener, and the bed was started with cardboard, and wood chips, compost, and other fine things layered. They had crawled under the 4ft high chicken wire and dug in the perimeter of the bed. So, after consulting the oracle of google, I made a concoction of castor oil, dish soap, and peppermint and tea tree oils. I drizzled this around the edges. I then sprinkled inexpensive red pepper flakes on top of this. Then I took strips of rags that I had soaked in ammonia and tied them at intervals around the fence. This worked for the first night. This morning, there are places where they’ve dug. Anyone have experience in thwarting the critters?

We don’t have many of that sort of digging critter around here, but can you bury the edges of the fencing so if they dig they still can’t get in? That’s what folks do to keep bamboo in, it might work to keep skunks out? Fencing to keep bamboo contained is solid metal, though. Maybe a line of rocks at the base of the fence?

What chases away skunks? Why are they trying to get inside?

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They’re looking for grubs and insects, I think. We’ve laid chicken wire on the ground with mulch over it, and we’ve improved the fencing. So far so good.
I put cheap red pepper flakes around the places where chipmunks and raccoons hang out because it’s supposed to repel them. Not my critters. They chowed down, and seemed to be asking, “Where’s the margaritas!”

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I’m just seeing this. Is the wire still working?

Using ground staples, we fastened the chicken wire AND the fencing t the ground. They’ve tried digging, but, knock on wood, haven’t been able to access the bed.

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I have never had skunks in my yard, but we used to have moles so bad that we mounds of dirt all over the yard where they dug holes. We tried a number of things, but the only thing that has actually worked are those solar mole repellers. I am not for sure that they repell skunks, though. Home Depot sells them, but you can also get them on ebay and other places. They do get damaged from time to time by mowers, etc., so we have to replace them around every 3 years.