Try Growing Lettuce Indoors!

Wishing for fresh greens? Have you ever tried growing lettuce indoors? Here’s how!

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So exciting! We’re just starting a bunch of micro greens =)


I need to do this. We are covered with snow and ice…and the grocery store lettuce leaves much to be desired. Grab me a pot – l’m gonna get some lettuce going!

Microgreens are another easy alternative!

I have been growing sprouts and microgreens off and on for at least 10 years. I have tried growing lettuce in the past but failed miserably. Currently trying it again.

You’ll have to let us know how it goes!

Every summer I say I’m going to try to grow lettuce indoors and never do. Hopefully this summer will be different. Thanks for the encouragement.

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Update on indoor lettuce. First two attempts have been a bust. Planted directly into 4" pots in regular potting soil. Third attempt is on going. Trying starting in seed starting mix in small plastic cells. Growing some at about 65F and others on a seeding heating mat in the same space. All have been under artificial lights. Seeing a little growth from some. Started 4 different types I had on hand. Looks like both are working equally, but really too soon to tell. Will try to post some pics on the next update.

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johnrgeiser- I have found that lettuce germinated better in cooler temps (45-50/55) than warmer temps. Most types will take a light frost too. Make sure not planted too deep maybe too. Mine always loved cool weather. Soon as temps went up the plant bolted, went to seed. Good luck!

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I live in a place where we have milder winters (we do get frosts but no snow) so do you think I could grow some lettuce outdoors this winter (I’m southern hemisphere)

YES!! We live in northern border of Florida and same conditions. I start planting in late summer and they grow through spring before bolting. Also found that cutting the individual outside leaves of leaf lettuce (let the inside leaves keep growing), washing in cool water, shake as much water off (salad spinner works too) and layering in between paper towels in a tupperware or zipper bag that the lettuce keeps weeks longer than store bought lettuce. Hope that helps you!

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Yeah I know that generally lettuce germinates better at cooler temps. That has always been my experience outside. That is what I did the first time I tried it and had little luck. My second attempt I used a heat mat (was starting other seeds at the same time) and also at cooler temps. Experimented with different varieties of lettuce. All temps worked, but the heat mat was most successful for me. No difference with the varieties. Maybe the first one was just a fluke. Go figure! :slight_smile: