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Welcome to the Attainable Sustainable online forum! I know. In a time of Facebook and social media we’re going back to a forum?? But yes. Lots of people have suggested this as a way to communicate OFF Facebook. It’s a place to discuss growing, raising, and cooking our own food with others doing the same!

If you’re new here, say hello and introduce yourself here! Otherwise, check out the categories below and dive in with your questions and comments. We’re glad to have you join the conversation!

Hello! I’m Christine, from Mono, Ontario, Canada. I have always had a small garden, but now hubby and I are retired (in our 50s), and I have much more time on my hands. I love to quilt, and I plan to learn much more about food gardening, and flowers and fruiting trees as well. I look forward to learning more from all of you!

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Hi there,
I’m and 82 year old RN, still practicing part time. I have gardened in one form or another , as a child helping my mother with our large family garden.
We have recently had to move from Oregon to Texas and OH what a difference for a gardener. Currently building raised beds and buying containers to be able to have a garden again. Have started seeds and am waiting to be able to transplant into the garden. Have lettuce starts (from store bought Romaine) to plant into the bottom of milk cartons. It’s amazing what your mind comes up with to help solve your gardening problems
I’m a quilter, artist, writer, garment maker, RN, gardener and whatever else takes my fancy or needs to be done. Have canned, made jams and jellies as well as made just about every food item heard of.
Although I’ve gardened all of my life, I’m hoping to learn new ideas in this lovely forum.


I am an RN homebody looking to expand my homebody skills. With August staycation time coming I am looking forward to trying out some attainable sustainables from the book that arrived the other day. Also, I have a dremel that needs a project so if anyone has any ideas please feel free to share.
Cheers & stay healthy