What's the pantry Item that's most difficult for you to make at home?

What do you keep putting in your shopping basket every week, even though you know you could make it at home? What do you buy that you wish you KNEW how to make at home??

Probably pasta, although I don’t buy it every week. I know I could make it, dry it, freeze it or just use it fresh, but I never seem to get around to doing that!

Beans, It is so easy to open a can. For years I grew beans to dry and store. I miss that. Maybe I will give it a try again. When your garden is tiny they spend a lot of time occupying space.

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Maybe a good middle ground is *buying dried beans? I’ve found that having an Instant Pot makes all the difference in how easy it is to prepare dried beans quickly!


Have not made yet but seeking low salt and low sugar condiments such as ketchup, etc–due to new health issues.Everything has too much salt and sugar. Also just found a low salt pickle recipe!!! YAY!

I don’t eat low salt, but I know that Mrs. Dash makes tasty seasonings. I have tried a few when I have traveled for work and needed to take an “everything seasoning” with me. I have food allergy/sensitivity issues, so I need to be cautious about what I eat and take some food with me. Good luck!

I know it sounds crazy, but onions. When I have to buy raw onions because it is the middle of winter and I have exhausted the supply of cut and frozen onions I had from the previous summer, I buy bags of frozen onions. It saves me a lot of time, because I generally spend about 6 hours of my day on Sunday cooking soups, stews, meatloaf, etc. for the whole week for my house. In the summer, I go to the farmer’s market and buy onions. I use some right away, but I also chop or slice some and freeze them for later use.