Where do you need help?

A lot of people are finding themselves stuck at home and worrying about how to manage that. With kids or without, it’s a lot to take in. What are you wishing you knew how to do, and how can we all help each other LEARN?

If you have kids at home unexpectedly, let me share my opinionated opinion: Relax! My kids were both homeschooled and they learned through our day-to-day life. And they’re thriving young adults, in spite of me. :wink: I know the schools will be pushing them to “keep up” but it’s a short term thing. Take the time to bake cookies with them, or have conversations, or show them how to do something you’re really good at. I know the change won’t always be easy, but you just don’t need the pressure to “keep up.”


I couldn’t agree more. We’ve homeschooled all along, 2 graduates and a current junior. Enjoy the extra time with your kids. Take time to see what they’re learning. And don’t stress! I was thinking last night that so many kids are going to be getting the sleep they actually need instead of just enough to get by.


Oh, the sleep! I hadn’t thought of that!

Now that we’re four or five months along into this Covid thing, it’s seeming more surreal now than when it started somehow. Time seems more fluid, days no longer seem to be as set apart from each other. Mondays are no different than Fridays and weekends just blend into everything else. Staying focused seems a bit of a problem since the old schedules don’t define things anymore.

I am finding a lot of communication has switched from texting to emails. Possibly folks are looking for a deeper connection to other folks than the somewhat shallow version via texts? Either that or they want a bigger keyboard instead of the little one on their phone. Guess I could ask, but it’s nice to have ‘pen pals’ during this Time of Covid.

We don’t have kids, but if we did, I’d be terribly conflicted about sending them off to school. I just can’t imagine any parent being comfortable in sending their kids off to school and feel the school will maintain proper social distancing.

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